Jan Thomas Pettersen

My education is Graphic Design. My job is all things digital. And as a photographer I like to call myself a street photographer. But I love to learn new things, and I try and experiment with most styles of photography like landscape, portraits, still life and fine art photography.

This is mainly a way for me to be creative and create something. It makes me feel good and productive. I hope you like it to.

Want to buy, or have a project?

Would you like to buy an image? Browse my work at Featuringspaces.com, or contact me and we can make it happen. Do you want to hire me for a project or do a collaboration? Also contact me and let’s make it happen.

The technology

I love technology. I love the continuous development and refinement that every year bring. So, my photo interest I driven by what is new in camera technology and software. I know this often is the reverse of most artists. But it is what motivates me. The tricky part is to balance the cost of new gear with the possibilities of new technology.

I shoot with:
Fujifilm X100F
Nikon D810
Sony RX100M3
iPhone X

For Software I mostly use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. And a few times I do some light retouching in Adobe Photoshop. On my phone I shoot RAW with Halide App, and edit in Lightroom CC.